Componex Electronics, was founded in Hungary in 2003 with 100% of Hungarian capital, and was later, in 2007 registered in Austria. Our company is independent from manufacturers, it incorporates the advantages of global purchasing, of excellent knowledge of the Hungarian market, and of local logistics. With our young and success oriented team we keep our enterprise in continuous growth, and besides our existent partners we are always looking for new, strategically important markets to serve our costumers with a wider palette of products.

Componex Electronics has many - business, logistics, economic - advantages, which guarantees the best serving of the needs of our costumers. Being customer oriented, trustworthy and flexible is not just a description that sounds good but a policy of real terms. We regard the successes of our partners as our own.

We stand by our partners from the early stages of development all the way to mass production, that way we can build our supply of components based on their various needs and demands. The benefits of local logistics are that in case of unforeseen, sudden shortage of components, we can help the uninterrupted production of our business partners.

To cut down on the several weeks of administrative work, often typical to other suppliers, our creative team seeks alternative solutions - by thinking together with our client - to resolve problems in the shortest time possible: our many suppliers make it possible for us to offer replacement part without making compromise on quality, or we can put the missing component at our client's disposal from our own stock.