Coilmaster Electronics introduce – Low profile, Metal Molding Power Inductors with AEC-Q200 Grade – Application for automotive

Coilmaster Electronics have kept pursuing manufacturing excellence, which includes investing in production automation, attaining TS16949 certification and adding an AEC-Q200 Reliability Lab for quality assurance.
Coilmaster Electronics very pleased to Introducing New Ultra-small shielded power inductor. Since Coilmaster Electronics Co., Ltd. are manufacturing and supplying attractive price, stable quality and promote delivery for SMT Power Inductors, High Current Shielded Power Inductors  & Chip Inductors, Common Mode Choke, LAN Magnetics in order to meet the needs of the electronics industry.
  • Magnetic shielding allows high-density mounting
  • Ultra-small shielded power inductor – only 1.2 mm high, 3.5× 2.5 mm footprint
  • Handles current up to 9.1 Amps
  • Excellent mounting strength by SMD chip making
  • Isat means that DC current will cause a 30% inductance reduction from initial value
  • Irms means that DC current will cause coil temperature rising to 40°C whichever is smaller
  • RoHS-compliant. 260°C compatible
  • Excellent temperature stability for inductance and saturation with AEC-Q200 Grade 1 (−40°C to +125°C)
Subject: Cross reference (One model can replace four series products) – Low profile, Metal Alloy High Current Inductors  – ML322512T series  
  • Murata – DFE322512F=P2  Series
  • TDK – SPM3012T-LR  Series
  • Würth – 744025XXX  Series
  • Murata /Toko – 1277AS-H=P2  Series
Download ML322512T Series Data-sheet