Ansen Quartz is a leading professional manufacturer of frequency control devices for the widespread fields and industries worldwide.
From through-hole series to miniature SMD series, Ansen provides comprehensive line of high quality frequency control devices in the Industry.Ansen has applied the top tier technology in the innovation of crystal oscillator performance, precision and reliability to keep it in the forefront of leading edge crystal and oscillator technologies.

Since Coilmaster Electronics, established in 1995, is a professional supplier of magnetic components including high-performance power inductor, high current inductor, power choke, common mode choke, chip inductors, Lan magnetics as well. Expect to the standard components, Coilmaster also designs consumer magnetics to fit customer’s requirements. Coilmaster hase been committed to offering the high-quality passive components, supportive engineers through the entire design process, as well as providing the best service possible to the customers. Both of Coilmaster support and service systems are designed to respond to the requirements of our customers. The systems are reviewed and modified continually to achieve the ultimate level of customer service. Certified with TS16949/ ISO9001/ ISO14001 high standard quality assurance system and meet AEC-Q200 to support automotive-grade products

FASTRON is a brand name for inductors. Originally from Germany, we now operate manufacturing facilities in Eastern Europe as well as South East Asia, which are all IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 certified. Founded in 1978, we manufacture RoHS compliant, high quality (e.g. AEC-Q200 grade) surface mount and leaded inductors and coils.Besides this core business, FASTRON also successfully operates a large sheet metal production for precision metal enclosures and electro-mechanical assemblies. Part of the FASTRON Group is also the company Rapid Biomedical based in Germany, experts in custom made MR Coils for MRI scanners.

jb Capacitors Company is ISO manufacturer founded in 1980 in Taiwan, now with two factories located in Hefei, Anhui and Nantong, Jiangsu. JB specialized in production of plastic film capacitors and Radial, SMD & Snap-in, Screw and Lug terminals Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, which are widely used in consumer electronics, data processing, telecommunication, and industrial control’s equipment industry. It is commitment to offer JB customers the best quality products with fast delivery and the best after sales services.

Staff over 200 people, has the tantalum capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors, film capacitors four production lines, annual sales of more than one hundred million yuan;factory covers an area of 19,000 square meters, annual output of more than 1 billion kinds of capacitors,have independent intellectual property rights.

ROYALOHM has more than 42 years of resistors manufacturing, the company was established in 1978 in Taiwan, it’s adaptability to changing times leads to it’s continuous growth. ROYALOHM served wide scope of the global market with the full range of SMD, SIL, Coated, Cement, High Power, Automotive, Jumper, Shunt & Coil, Melf, and Radial resisitors.