About us

Componex Electronics

Established in 2003, Componex is a Hungarian service-oriented company blending the advantages of global sourcing, excellent regional and international market knowledge and efficient logistics. As one of the leading distributors of electronic components in Central-, and Eastern Europe, we keep our business in constant growth with our success-oriented team.



Innovative ideas.

In addition to the electronic components, we place a special emphasis on product support, and our core competence is managing solutions tailored for the company and application, both in short and long term. Our contracted, officially represented supplier partners are pivotal elements of our profitability, as quality is always the key to success.
We strive to participate proactively in the business life of our clients, always focusing on the task, the specific environment and the situation, these details allow to our partners to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

The carefully selected product portfolio inspires innovative ideas and drives not only short-term solutions in the fields of semiconductors, passives and electromechanical elements, wireless solutions, opto- and display technologies, and power supplies. As an electronic component distributor, Componex aims to connect our manufacturers with the end user, should it be local or multinational customer.

Recognition of our strategy is shown by our results, and most of all by the satisfaction of our customers. We believe that what our team has achieved together could be another strong motivation for our next generations, which will further increase the values of our company, enabling a common benefit for all parties.

Zoltán Bodnár

owner, general manager

I have been working in μ-electronics since 1995, I was the leader of an international distributor company in Hungary till 2002. I established Componex Electronics Kft in 2003, and it was followed by Componex Electronics GmbH in Austria.

I have always placed great emphasis on quality, and the result is a stable customer base that has developed over the years within and beyond the country. I can look over the past and the years ahead proudly and with satisfaction from all sides, talking about our suppliers or our customers. We form a stable bridge between component manufacturers and our customers with maximum attention to all of our partners’ business needs and expectations. Our momentum has been unbroken since the estabilishment, we have developed continuously and enjoyed every minute of the success we have achieved together.

The Componex Team has changed and is changing, like other group also, but I can confidently state that our operational philosophy is sound and the targets are motivating for everyone.

Tamás Lábiscsák

owner, general manager

I have been working in microelectronics since 1999, of which I have been employed by an international distributor company for 4 years. We have found Componex Kft. in 2003, where we have successfully applied the previously gained knowledge.

As an owner and also as a sales person I have always placed great emphasis on the personal face-to-face contact and maximizing the service to the customer, both on the commercial and on the personal side. The more than a 100 customer relations, established over the years,proove as a great feedback. I am proud that I have been able to give my name to the commercial offers for the customers, to their satisfaction during the 20 years I have spent in the electronic distribution industry. We have developed our company step by step, placing offers adapted to the constantly changing market conditions, thus building a professional system based on manufacturer relations. Locally and also abroad, we have managed to settle a customer base that can be trusted. To the satisfaction of our vendors, we constantly represent our company at international trade fairs. As an exhibitor, I see up close the importance ofhaving a personal contact, a reliable and an honest business relationship. Working with my business partner for many years, we are proud of our company, where our colleagues are also our friends, so they can do their daily activities in a family-likeatmosphere. The key principle for us is to appreciate the colleagues so that they can achieve the best possible performance which results also in our business success.