Geehy Semiconductor is an IC design company that specializes in industrial and automotive grade microprocessors, mixed signal analog ICs, and SoCs.
With 20 years of IC design experience and embedded system capability, Geehy can provide customers with core, reliable chip products that enable accurate sensing, secure transmission, and real-time control, helping them to expand in automotive, industrial, new energy, and consumer electronics.
Geehy Semiconductor now has six chip R&D centers (Zhuhai, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Chengdu, and North Carolina), multiple R&D cooperation bases, and an R&D team of over 500 employees, accelerating industrial upgrading through scientific and technological innovation. Geehy has a domestic advanced chip design and R&D level, a full range of software and hardware design services, and a full range of manufacturing services.
“Continuously drive industry innovation and create value for customers.” Geehy’s ambition is to become a world-class integrated circuit design company.


WAYON is a provider of circuit protection and power control solutions. The company is mainly engaged in the design, manufacture, and sale of circuit protection components, power semiconductor discrete devices, as well as analog integrated circuits.
Founded in 1996 by Shanghai Institute of Materials Research, WAYON has been committed to becoming a leading global brand in the field of circuit protection and power control for more than two decades. It has been continuously introducing new products and solutions to provide products and services for consumer electronics, industrial and Internet of Things, automotive, new energy, network communications, and other fields, making the products of customers all over the world safer, more reliable and more efficient.


TAEJIN Technology was incorporated in 2000 with aim of becoming the world leader in Power Management IC industry. The brand name “”HTC Korea”” was created by TAEJIN Technology to meet customer’s goal by using highly diversified R&D technology.

HTC Korea is well-known for its high-quality products in the Asian market and targets three major sectors: Communication, Consumer, and Computer.

HTC Korea has been promoting its products in cooperation with world-wide sales partners in China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and India.

HTC Korea operates through quality policy which is authenticated by Korea’s ISO 9001, and observes corporate ethics and environmental responsibility. All HTC Korea products are manufactured under the system authenticated by ISO14001, and are complied with RoHS directives. .
HTC Korea are being propelled towards World Best Leader in Power Management IC industry and HTC Korea will continue marching ahead in the semiconductor industry.


Unisonic Technologies Company Limited was set up in 1990, and it is the manufacturing supplier for high-tech semiconductor devices and IC design, and its products are mainly of Power Management, and Audio Power Amplifier IC, supplemented with Motor Controller, OP, and TR. These components are primarily used in the market of PC, telecom, and consumer products, and they are sold throughout Asian area, while the company also owns direct branch in South Korea, Thailand, and India.


Macroblock, Inc. was established in June 1999 and listed on OTC in October 2007. Macroblock focus on light-emitting diode (LED) driver design which contributes LED display and lighting applications. With continuous technology innovations, Macroblock has been successfully marketed over 500 worldwide customers. Macroblock has ranked 2nd in the leading suppliers of LED Driver ICs and 1st in the leading supplier of LED Video Display Diver ICs by 2012 IHS Research study.


Luguang Electronic Technology CO.,LTD. (LGE) was established in Sept.,2002, it is a National High-tech enterprises of discrete semiconductor design, manufacture and sell. With more than 17years’experience in engineering and manufacturing , LGE offers a full range of TVS Diodes,Zener Diodes, Schottky Diodes,Silicon Rectifiers and Fast Recovery Rectifiers etc , which are exported to more than 50 countries and widely used in automotive electronics, consumer devices, intelligent manufacturing , security,industry and other fields.


Holtek Semiconductor is a leading professional IC design house in Taiwan having its major business activities focused in the area of microcontroller and peripheral component design and marketing. From its origins in 1998, the company has continuously focused its energies in the advancement of new product development and skills innovation. The company’s ability to keep in line with market trends, has given Holtek the means of releasing a wide range of highly successful and extremely competitive IC devices.


AMIC has a profound history in developing memory ICs. Starting as a new memory product division within United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC), the art of making memory integrated circuits has already been developed since 1985. Since then, we released many industry-first type memory IC products. AMIC offers its customers one of the largest memory IC portfolios available in the semiconductor industry today. From SRAM to FLASH, from DRAM to Mask-ROM and RF-ID TAG IC solutions. From bare die to full SiP integration.